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Make Your Own Among Us Plush

Make Your Own Among Us Plush: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Among Us exploded in popularity in 2020, captivating gamers young and old with its addictive gameplay and cute aesthetic. As the game continues riding high over two years later, fans still can’t get enough of the colorful crewmate characters with their iconic spacesuits and backpacks.

What better way to show your love for Among Us than by creating your very own plush crewmate? With some basic craft supplies and sewing skills, you can make a huggable version of your favorite sus character. This easy DIY plush tutorial will walk you through all the steps.

What You’ll Need

Before getting started, gather the following supplies:

  • Fabric: Fleece or minky work best. You’ll need about 1/2 yard. Choose colors like red, blue, green, pink, orange, or purple to match the crewmates.
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors: Fabric scissors work best
  • Pins, clips, or tape to hold pieces
  • Printed pattern pieces: Free printable patterns are available online
  • Plastic safety eyes for decorative detail
  • Felt or fabric glue for attaching pieces
  • Embroidery floss, buttons, ribbons for customizing (optional)

You will also need access to a sewing machine to stitch the pieces together. Hand sewing the plush is possible but much more time consuming.

Making the Body

The body of the crewmate forms the base for the plush. Follow these instructions to sew the two sides:

Step 1: Cut Out Pattern Pieces

  • Print pattern pieces from online and tape together
  • Cut out all pieces neatly along outlines

Step 2: Pin Pattern to Fabric

  • Pin pattern pieces to fabric with right sides facing up
  • Use pins close together around edges
  • Cut fabric, leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance

Step 3: Mark Dart Stitch Lines

  • Mark dart stitch lines on fabric using fabric marker
  • Darts on top and bottom edges allow it to take shape

Step 4: Sew Vertical Edges

  • Sew vertical edges of the body piece using 1/4 inch seam
  • Sew slowly and remove pins as you go
  • Leave top open for turning and stuffing later

Step 5: Sew Darts

  • Fold fabric on dart stitch lines and pin in place
  • Sew across folded section to form dart
  • Taper seam to point
  • Repeat for all darts on body pieces

Step 6: Sew Both Sides Together

  • With right sides facing, pin body pieces together
  • Sew around perimeter, leaving a 3-4 inch opening
  • Clip corners to reduce bulk

At this point, you should have a 3D pouch shape for the body.

Adding the Backpack

Now it’s time to make the signature backpack piece and attach it to the back of the body.

Step 1: Cut Out Backpack Pieces

  • Use paper pattern to cut 2 backpack pieces from main fabric
  • Cut 2 lining pieces from a coordinating fabric

Step 2: Sew Lining and Exterior Pieces

  • With right sides together, pin then sew around lining pieces
  • Repeat with exterior backpack pieces

Step 3: Attach Straps

  • Cut 2 strips of fabric 3/4″ x 5″ for straps
  • Pin straps 4 inches down from top edge of exterior pieces
  • Sew straps in place close to edges

Step 4: Assemble Backpack

  • With right sides facing, place exterior and lining pieces together
  • Pin around perimeter then sew, leaving top open
  • Trim seam allowance then clip corners

Step 5: Attach Backpack

  • Turn backpack right side out through opening
  • Stuff lightly with polyfill
  • Hand sew or ladder stitch opening closed
  • Pin backpack to back of body then sew securely in place

Sewing the Visor

The visor helps conceal the impostor’s identity. Here’s how to add this important piece:

Step 1: Cut Visor Fabric

  • Cut rounded rectangle about 6 x 3 inches from coordinating fabric
  • Also cut a “glint” accent piece if desired

Step 2: Sew Accent Piece

  • Place glint fabric on visor piece
  • Sew around edges with tight zig zag or satin stitch

Step 3: Attach Visor

  • Pin visor to top front of crewmate’s head
  • Sew securely in place along bottom edge

Stuffing and Closing the Plush

You’re in the home stretch! Follow these steps to bring your crewmate to life:

Step 1: Turn Right Side Out

  • Through the opening, gently pull the fabric so right sides are facing out
  • Use a turning tool or chopstick to push out corners

Step 2: Stuff the Plush

  • Stuff firmly with small amounts of polyfil
  • Pack more into limbs then add to body
  • Don’t over stuff or the seams may pop

Step 3: Ladder Stitch Closed

  • Thread hand sewing needle and knot end
  • Use a ladder stitch to close up opening
  • Take stitches close together for a seamless look

Step 4: Add Details

  • Glue or sew on plastic safety eyes
  • Add mini crewmate, buttons, ribbons, or other embellishments

Step 5: Fluff and Enjoy!

  • Gently brush fibers with a pet brush to fluff up
  • Cuddle your custom crewmate or display proudly!

The final product – an adorable handmade Among Us crewmate plush!

Customizing Your Among Us Plush

One of the best parts of making your own Among Us plush is customizing it to be truly unique. Here are some ideas:

Colors: Use different colored fabric to make crewmates in any hue. Try a bright lime green or deep magenta!

Textures: Felt, corduroy, sequins…get creative with the fabric type!

Shapes: Modify the pattern to have only one leg, three arms, or a squarish body.

Faces: Sew, glue, or embroider unique facial features like cyborg eyes or vampire fangs.

Accessories: Add a mini crewmate, speech bubbles, or common task items like leaves or asteroids.

Names: Embroider the crewmate’s name onto the body or visor.

With some crafting supplies and imagination, you can take your plush to inventive new places!

The Benefits of Quality Plush Toys

As the article on How to Make Stuffed Animals Soft Again from Grandeuria discusses, investing in high-quality plush toys is about more than just cost. Premium stuffed animals, crafted with fine materials and expert craftsmanship, become cherished companions that endure for years. Unlike their cheaper counterparts, they withstand repeated washing and handling with ease. While the initial price may be higher, the durability and enduring play value justify the investment.

Why Prioritize Quality?

  • Durability: Stands up to frequent washing and handling.
  • Comfort: Made with soft, non-irritating fabrics.
  • Safety: Features like secure stitching and non-detachable parts ensure safer play.

When shopping for a special plush toy, prioritize quality construction over low cost. Look for details like secure stitchingtightly woven fabrics, and well-attached accessories. Premium features, such as silky-soft faux fur or hand embroidery, elevate a basic plush to something extraordinary. This thoughtful investment delivers lasting enjoyment and comfort, well into the future.

Luxury Baby Plush Leaders

Highlighted in How to Store Plushies, the realm of upscale baby plush showcases innovative brands that craft luxury toys using premium fabrics. Utilizing organic, sustainable materials, these plush infant toys are not only sublimely soft but also meet stringent safety standards.

Top Luxury Brands:

  • A Little Something Luxury: Celebrated for its handmade European designs.
  • Rashti & Rashti: Known for custom cashmere plush toys.

These exclusive brands create imaginative plush toys and blankets fit for royalty. Despite the high price, their heirloom-quality and eco-friendly production make them worthy investments for babies.

Lil’ Luvs Liam – A Baby-Safe Plush

The allure of Gund’s cuddly plush llama, as analyzed in Grandeuria articles, lies in the thoughtful design of Lil’ Luvs toys for safe, engaging play. Details such as embroidered faces eliminate the risk of loose parts, while quality stitching and fabrics ensure durability and washability. The sweet, whimsical nature of Lil’ Luvs characters like Liam endears them to both parents and children. This blend of safety and play value is the secret behind the success of the Lil’ Luvs plush collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I wash plush toys safely?

  • A: Check label instructions, but generally, use cold water and a delicate cycle. Always air dry thoroughly before storage.

Q: What fabrics are best for plush toys?

  • A: Opt for soft, tightly-woven fabrics like fleece or minky. Organic cotton, cashmere, and alpaca wool are excellent for premium plush.

Q: Are plush toys safe for babies?

  • A: Yes, with precautions. Avoid toys with loose parts, attachments, or decorations that could detach. Prioritize quality stitching and durable, washable fabrics.

Q: Where can I buy high-end plush toys?

  • A: Look for them at specialty toy stores, luxury baby boutiques, or directly from artisan brands online. Premium materials and craftsmanship command a higher price.

Share Your Among Us Creations!

Part of the fun of making gaming plushies is showing them off and seeing other fans’ creations too. Here’s how to connect:

  • Post on social media using hashtags like #AmongUsPlush so people can find your cute crewmate
  • Tag the original pattern designer on sites like Instagram if you used someone’s free pattern
  • Join fan groups on Facebook and Reddit to share your plush pictures
  • Sell on Etsy or take commissions if you want to monetize your work

As Among Us continues riding a wave of popularity years after its release, fans still can’t get enough of the imposter-hunting game. Bring the fun into the real world by creating your very own crewmate plush with this easy tutorial! Whether you make one plush for yourself or a whole colorful crew, this addictive DIY project will provide hours of enjoyment. Just be careful – your handmade buddy venting or acting suspicious!

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